Your hub for horsepower Get first access to hit shows like Roadkill and Dirt Every Day Join free for 14 days now This is the first in a two-part series on selecting components for and building a dry-sump engine. The first part will focus on the characteristics of a dry-sump system, options for the engine builder, and the features you should look for in a quality product. The Pan Removing the responsibility for oil storage from the pan allows it to be much more effective at reducing the power-robbing effects of windage. No matter the type of oiling system, a good circle track oil pan should include baffles to keep oil trapped near the pickup s , adequate volume to keep oil in the pan below the reach of the crankshaft, some type of wiper, and a kick-out on the right side. The kick-out performs two roles. The extra area also reduces bounce-back. Bounce-back occurs when oil slings off the crank, hits the side of the pan, and bounces back onto the crank. Because of the direction the crank spins, this is only a problem on the right side of the pan. Moving the wall of the pan away from the crank with a kick-out helps reduce the problem and the windage that it creates.

How to Install a Sump Pit and Pump

If you have some basement wetness issues in a single corner, you can eliminate this by installing a sump pump evacuation system. Install a Sump Pit and Pump Step 1 The firs thing you need to do is cut out the concrete where you want to install the sump pip. Measure the diameter of the pit and add 6″.

How To Hook Up A Sump Pump Best sump pump reviewed, compared & tested in , water damage in your home is a serious business therefore, the decision to buy a reliable, quality sump pump to.

You would need to get a Delco alternator internal regular type is the easiest , fabricate the brackets to mount it, get a wider pulley for the front of it, run new wire to hook it up, and get a resistor to drop the voltage to the coil. If you’re not familiar with electrical systems, I would recommend buying the kit that is available for this. It would be a little more expensive, but you get all the parts you need and instructions, too.

Kits are available from several sources. On the web, you can find them at Just8Ns. If you’re a determined do-it-yourselfer, first pick up an alternator. Tell the parts counter guy it’s for a ’76 Chevy. GM used this same alternator on about all it’s vehicles from the early ’70’s through the mid ’80s. Fabricate some brackets to mount it.

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How to Wire a Hot Tub Determine Number of Wires A submersible pump can be either two or three wire, regardless of the voltage coming from the panel, so start at your pump and follow the conduit back. If the conduit runs into a control box before continuing to the water pressure switch, chances are you have a three wire pump. If it runs straight to the pressure switch, it is a two wire.

Dec 05,  · Hello-We recently had a “check-up” of our sump pump configuration after buying our home. The good news is that the everything appears to be functioning (although it does not look all that pretty-see attached pic).

However, mechanical failures in the sump or the sump pump switch can result in a basement water problem. And when rains are at their worst and the waters are rising, you’ll be very glad that you have a backup sump pump that can kick in and pick up the slack. Secondary Sump Pumps Unlike a battery backup sump pump, a backup sump pump will be able to run as long as there’s power in the home, with no worry of the charge running out. In areas with heavy volume some basements have floodwaters that rise up several feet!

In this case, you’d need to install a second pump to step up and help with the extra load. A backup sump pump is perfect for this application.

How To Hook Up A Kitchen Sink Drain

View Product Sump and Effluent Submersible Pumps are designed to transfer wastewater discharged from a septic tank or an aerobic treatment system to a drain field, secondary treatment system, or other discharge point. Franlkin Electric has been recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of submersible electric motors since For over 70 years professionals in the water transfer market have trusted the Little Giant brand for its reliable pump solutions, packaged system options, accessories, and total value.

This Wayne 12 Volt Emergency Backup Sump Pump protects your home against flood damage! Every homeowner with a sump pump should consider the possibility of a power failure, which is most likely to occur when its raining. Sounds an alarm when your AC-powered sump pump fails. This 12V standby system takes over automatically to help protect against flood damage when the power fails.

Besides the ground being clay, we have developments all around us that were placed on top of back-filled swamps and marsh land. Residents of this area have their sump pumps run year round. Because the pumps run year round that creates issues when the temps are below freezing. If your sump pump seems to be running continuously it could mean one of two things: Sump pump discharge lines can freeze causing the sump pump to run continuously, eventually burning up the pumps motor.

It also means if the water has nowhere to go the sump pump basket may overflow flooding your basement.

Preventing sump pump discharge lines from freezing?

However, our fuel supply issue remained. There are literally dozens of ways you can build a fuel system, but follow along to see the way we did ours. We tried to stay on a reasonable budget yet get the best lift pump we could an Aeromotive A , keep things as simple as possible, and drop some weight off the old Ford in the process.

or pump style Easy Hook Up (No special tools or wiring necessary, plugs into standard wall outlet) Automatic Power Transfer (You do not have to be present to make it work) In 10 seconds the average 1/3 hp. sump pump will evacuate approximately 10 gallons of water.

May 16, Well first your charge controller needs to be matched to your battery. If this is the same system you had before, you should be fine with swapping back in the long life sealed battery. What you can’t do is swap in an even bigger battery – such as connecting two of those batteries in parallel – because while the pump would run for twice as long, the charge controller would either blow an internal fuse or self destruct trying to recharge the now twice as big battery. Charging the battery off of the car alternator is not going to really work.

Again its back to the charge controller. The alternator in the car is designed to recharge CAR batteries low capacity – high output not long life high capacity – low output batteries. I’m not saying it won’t charge at all, but it would take forever and it would not be good for the batteries or the chargers. You could design yourself an A-B switch and switch between the two sealed batteries. That way only one would be connected to the pump and controller at any one time.

You would have to remember to switch it once a month to keep the batteries charged up AND in an emergency you would have to manually switch between the two.

How to Install a Water-Powered Sump Pump

It is constructed with a tough all-metal body. The motor is oil-filled, completely sealed and submersible. It pumps up to gallons per hour with an outlet head of two feet. It draws a little over 1A of VAC power from a six-foot power cord. The intake screen is easily removable for cleaning.

Installing a sump pump can be an effective way to keep water from accumulating in a basement. The pump is set in a basin, or a sump pit, located at the lowest spot .

Would appreciate some suggestions. I want to safely hook a generator up to two existing plugs. One plug is near the generator and has romex traveling from it to another plug in a basement area that will have 2 sump pumps plugged in when the power is out. Someone has already run the romex and installed the two plugs. They are not a part of the house wiring and have no electricity until I am able to hook them up the generator. I’m thinking I will need to have some type of box that is made for this that will be installed before the first plug at generator location?

Also will need an appropriate cord I know not to use a hazardous mail to mail cord set up made for this. Will also need to install GFCI plug at plug box where the pumps plug in. Can someone direct me to the appropriate box and cord set up to provide safe power to these two plugs? Will the box need a breaker? One plug is serving the pumps below and one plug will be for plugging in a radio etc near where the generator is located.

Both plug locations and generator are out of the weather. Any advice much appreciated. The topics covered on this site include activities in which there exists the potential for serious injury or death.

Protect your home from basement flooding

In some cases, contractors may be uninsured or unlicensed. Blue Zone High skilled contractors who use a range of quality materials built to last and charge their clients fairly for their services. These contractors are licensed, insured and specialized in their work. Red Zone High skilled contractors who use proprietary quality materials and charge their clients a premium for labor and materials.

These contractors are licensed and insured but may not be specialized in their work.

The Liberty Pumps SumpJet SJ10 is a water-powered, sump-pump back-up system that will protect your basement in the case of a power outage. The SumpJet is fully automatic, arrives completely assembled and works in conjunction with your main sump pump.

If I have learned anything in this hobby it is that there are many many different ways to achieve a healthy and thriving tank. This could not be any truer with how you choose to set up a sump. Likely the best way to approach this topic is to describe the factors that I learned which go into designing your sump and then show you how I set up my sump just as one example. I hope you will find these sump basics helpful. Why do some hobbyist use sumps? Some people would not have a marine tank without a sump while others fell they are not required.

Although it can be debated whether or not a sump is required, there are some benefits to having a sump such as:

On the Level: Sump pumps wreak havoc on GFCIs and here’s why

These kits usually come with at least six independent components and require the purchase of additional supplies, including PVC pipe, check valves, and cement, in order to complete the installation. Luckily, you can in fact add a battery backup to an existing sump pump—and it is extremely easy to install. Here are 3 steps for how to install a battery backup to an existing sump pump using the Pump Sentry. While the installation process is easy, to avoid injury, be sure to read all of the instructions in the manual before beginning.

Please download the full instruction manual for important safety information. Mount the Unit to the Wall One of the benefits of the Pump Sentry is that it takes up no room in the sump pit or crock, but is instead conveniently mounted to the wall.

With the drain cut, lift the sump pump up and out of the basin. Remove the drain pipe from the outlet port of the sump pump using the pipe wrench if necessary. With the drain line removed take the opportunity to inspect the interior of the pump for any loose debris or obvious damage.

View Daniel Holzman’s Album There is nothing wrong with your approach, however you may want to consider an alternative. Using your approach, only the primary pump will run unless one of three things happens: The main pump burns out, in which case the secondary pump kicks in when the water rises to the on point for the second pump. The inflow is so high that the primary pump cannot keep up, in which case the secondary pump kicks in.

There is a blockage in the outflow pipe, in which case both pumps pump, but you get flooded because even with two pumps you cannot keep up. If you use such a controller, you have only one float, and the controller alternates the pumps. There is a secondary level typically several inches higher than the turn on level at which both pumps run. The way you are designed, one pump would typically run until it burns out might take many years , at which point you would presumably notice that it had failed, and you would replace it.

How To Install A Sump Pump Pit

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